In 1999, the first Handzel Open was a relatively small affair in a public park. Thirteen years later, it is one of the biggest Chicagoland tennis tournaments, with nearly 200 players competing in nine different categories over two weekends. The Open, established by Greg Handzel, of Handzel & Associates, brings together an impressive crew of amateur and professional players – all enthusiastic about the sport and its camaraderie.

Since its inception, the organizers of the Open have been donating proceeds from the games to various charitable causes. This year, thrillingly, the beneficiary was my Trust. In an overwhelming closing ceremony, filled with friends, well-wishers, and tennis champs, I received an extremely generous donation. Not only had I been included in the enthusiasm and sportsmanship of the tournament – I got an incredible financial donation! As I have been so many times over the last months, I was at a loss for the appropriate words of gratitude to such kindness and generosity.  THANK YOU to the organizers, participants, and sponsors of Handzel Open 13!! (Additional news coverage here, and here)