Did you see the video?! After I became an Explorer, the Glass Team recorded my Glass-enabled, first post-injury camping trip. My friends (Brant, Heidi, Bobby, Tedd, Will, and Sara) and I took the minivan to the beautiful Harriman State Park. There, we stayed at the Baker Camp on Lake Sebago. We did some exploring of the local area, had a campfire by the scenic lake, and celebrated long into the night. It was my first outdoor adventure since my spinal cord injury, and I loved it!

On our whirlwind camping trip, and beyond, I have used Glass to take pictures, record videos, find directions, search for facts, and dictate emails and text messages. I also have several times affirmatively answered the absurd question "are you calling me from your glasses?" For me, this is all much easier (or possible) only with the voice-activated, hands-free device...

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