2013 was a year rich in experience. Thank you for the support this year. Without the kind notes, the motivations, and the donations that ameliorate the distractions of spinal cord injury, it would be harder to appreciate all of the blessings…

Family. In the last months, my immediate family has been coping with unexpected illness and death. We’ve pulled together despite divorces, spinal cord injury, and distance – but it has been hard. I’ve realized injury does not protect me from other life challenges, nor absolve me from the responsibilities they bring. Still, a blessing has been reflecting on how the challenges that appeared insurmountable just two years ago, are now almost irrelevant. I’m awed at what I’ve been able to overcome – and the people that have made this overcoming possible.

Travel. Much less bittersweet blessings have been my trips to Chicago, to London, and even to Poland. Google made the Poland trip happen – I shared my Glass adventures at Think with Google 2014. I also braved the cobblestone streets in Warsaw, bested the nearly 100% inaccessible national rail system, and – most importantly – laughed and cried with long-missed cousins and friends.

Style. In September, Will Wnekowicz (who runs this website) mysteriously told me to show up at a PR studio in Chelsea. There, stylist extraordinaire Sam Russell first chatted with me about how I haven’t gone shopping in two years, and then told me he had chosen $10,000 worth of clothes, shoes, and beauty accessories for me as a surprise giveaway! I was the eighth lucky recipient of Sam’s Giving Closet – a project he started to make every-day women enjoy high-end fashion. It was an amazing, humbling surprise. Read all about our crazy afternoon.

School. All this tumult aside, I’m still studying to become a lawyer. Next fall I should be returning as an associate to the law firm at which I interned this summer. Thankfully, Student Services and Bobby have given me the tools to continue succeeding at Columbia, despite an incredibly hectic and difficult semester. I’m looking forward to my final few months at school – I’ll be using my break to get ready!

Friendship. As my family has coped with new difficulties, friends have given me reasons to keep smiling. Doing press for Google Glass, I have been blessed by many new connections – it’s been hard to keep up! In Chicago, I’ve been recording the many cards and letters that have been keeping me positive post-accident. And I love the Tea for Alex ladies! I’m so grateful for all of the friendship and support I’ve continued receiving this past year – thank you for helping me see the many blessings in my life.

Happy Holidays! See you in 2014!


*If not of me, all pictures are taken by me using Google Glass!*