I often think about all the people who helped me get to NYC this year – and I’m excited to finally get you up to date! [Check out my NYC Picture Diary!]

I just became a Google Glass Explorer! Now it’s much easier to share my life with you, so get ready for some “disability-won’t-stop-me” adventures. Follow my updates on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter (and Flickr and YouTube).

Bobby’s the best!

I came back to NYC to finish Columbia Law. The National Association of Law Students with Disabilities helped me determine the right accommodations; Columbia’s Registrar, Dean of Students, and spectacular Disability Services Office made sure to arrange them. I digitize all of my books, use dictation software made for lawyers, arrange my class and finals schedule ahead of time, and work with an assistant in classes. This year, I luckily worked with Bobby – a brilliant (and infinitely patient) screenwriter, finishing his Columbia MFA.

With Bobby’s help (plus trackballs, touchscreens, wireless headsets, and countless other accessibility hacks) I made it through another year of school. In the meantime, I do physical therapy at Mount Sinai, where I use a FES bike, a MOTOmed, and a standing frame. I’m figuring out how to purchase some of these machines, to simplify more frequent workouts at home. The medical team at Mount Sinai, along with Columbia Student Health Services, has also helped me manage the usual SCI health problems.

On top of all that, I have friends who built ramps into their homes, carried me into fifth floor walk-ups, took me apple picking, and generally braved the often-inaccessible NYC nightlife. They have been undaunted by the infuriating “Oh, we just have this one step!” – pushing, pulling, and hoisting my manual wheelchair all over the city. And thank goodness for the van!

I owe all of the successes, adventures, and challenges-overcome this year to the kind people who have not only supported the Trust, but have enveloped me with unconditional motivation and support.

Thank you!