“Thank you” has never seemed as trivial as it does now: the visits to the hospital, the letters and e-mails, the financial support –  when I say thank you for these things, I’m not expressing gratitude for individual actions, but rather for the way in which – quite seriously – they make my life still worth living and my dreams still worth having.  With the stakes so high, a mere “thank you” somehow does not seem like enough.  But that’s all I have for now.
That’s why, with this opening blog post, that I am struggling to dictate with the vastly inadequate Dragon program, I want to ask for your patience. I might not get back to your message fast enough, and I might not seem like I’m appreciating your help. Please know, however, that one of the biggest challenges I face every day is trying to  figure out how I can ever adequately express my thanks to the friends, family, and strangers that have surrounded me with overwhelming kindness and generosity.
I can only assure you, that every day I work harder in my therapies not only because I want to get better, but because I know so many people have shown their faith in my success. Hopefully with this blog, I can share with you how I’m working  toward my physical and intellectual goals.But first: “thank you.”