I’ve left the inpatient Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago!  The new ”wheelchair – bound – while – in – the – suburbs” issues are their own bag of tragic hilarity. Before I get to them though, I want to affirm that the RIC, where I’ve been for the past months, is an amazing place to do therapy.

Look how friendly my therapists seem! I promise, they even smile when we’re not taking photographs!  Incidentally, they are also supremely competent and passionate about what they do. Not to mention, they’re pretty attractive.

Since Greg and I made the fundraising video, these attractive, talented people have pushed me further along in recovery. Maybe you remember from the video that my physical therapist had to pull my hands back so I could push a manual chair? Well, I can do that by myself now. Not far and not for long, but still. And there was a segment about transferring me between bed and chair with a “cow lift” - we don’t use that anymore, since I can help with and direct a manual ”squat pivot” transfer.

These are small steps, and a new set of outpatient RIC therapists is keeping me active and still recovering. But a few months downtown has shifted my worldview from “bedridden” to “wheelchair-bound” to ”anything is possible”. I am, obviously, super grateful.